Different apps for different needs.

The first moment you open a Lumu app, you will know that your creativity has been enhanced. Designed to work seamlessly with your hardware, Lumu apps are intuitive and easy to use. A new companion for your journey.


Photometer app

Photometer app By Behnke Pettersson GbR: “Photometer will turn your iPhone into a reliable Exposure Meter, a modern interpretation of what it should be in times of retina displays and touch screens - for old times sake we have included a classic skin that feels and behaves just like the real thing. Now go out and start taking pictures with grain, not noise!”

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CineMeter II

Cinemeter app

By Adam Wilt: “Cine Meter II is a cinematographer's spotmeter with an RGB waveform monitor and a false-color picture, using the camera in your iOs device. You can also measure incident light using a Lumu™ metering attachment, with lux or foot-candle readouts.”

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Snapcount app

By StreamLinx LLC: “If you're a retrofitter, ESCO or distributor, you know how slow and draining it can be to generate proposals and audits. SnapCount retrofit software is the answer. This mobile and cloud software automates audits, proposals, purchase orders, work orders, projects and invoices with real-time dashboards including product progress tracking, cutting up to 70% in time and costs.”

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By ecoInsight Inc.: “The ecoInsight App is an audit application for contractors, distributors, manufacturers and energy professionals that want to collect lighting and other energy information while walking through a building. ... users can export the data, specify products, conduct analysis on building upgrades and generate professional proposals for customers.”

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Pinhole app

By Stephen Best: "Pinhole Master is a light meter and exposure timer for pinhole photographers, or anybody else photographing with long exposures. It uses your iPhone/iPad camera or a Lumu to determine the light level (Exposure Value) then calculates the exposure required. Maintain a library of cameras you own and films/papers you use, together with optional fully customisable reciprocity failure compensation. Pinhole Master has everything you need to easily master pinhole photography!"

Learn more at www.pinholemaster.com

Developers, check out the Lumu SDK.