Let's put a little magic into light metering

At Lumulabs we are led by dreams and driven by technology. We look for the unseen solutions and explore the uncharted territories. Our love of engineering with a human touch brought us together.

Lumu Lite product
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The Lumu Lite Legacy

We started off with the first light meter for the iPhone. Backed by our wonderful community on Kickstarter we developed Lumu Lite -  the Light Meter for the 21st century.

Over the years Lumu evolved and the community has grown. Lumu Lite is loved by thousands of happy users worldwide.

Lumu Lite in the Bag


Lumu Power - a new frontier

We learned that users and their satisfaction are our biggest assets. By listening closely and responding to every feedback we created a new experience with the Lumu Power.

Photographers, image makers, engineers, researchers, designers and explorers are joining us on the path of self-expression.

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