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Featured Photographer #57: Jorge Nieto

Featured Photographer #57: Jorge Nieto

Hi, my name is Jorge, I am from Madrid and I am a soon to be 40 year old big kid. I’ve been working in audiovisuals for a while, sometimes it feels...

Featured Photographer #56: Lucas Weber

Featured Photographer #56: Lucas Weber

Hi, I am a terrible swimmer that just graduated from high school in Germany - and by ‘just’ I mean a little over a year ago. In my final tw...

Shortcut to Camera app, click, add filter, upload, get 5000...

Shortcut to Camera app, click, add filter, upload, get 5000 likes, I’m a photographer.

A Medium Format Shooter’s Photographic Process by photographer Andrew Jamieson (

Lumu Light Meter Review and Field Test

Anastasia Petukhova reviews Lumu light meter: 

From the moment you see the box to the unpackaging process, you get more and more impressed. Matte finish, all the engraved lettering, and quality materials definitely give you the impression that this thing is build to last. I think this must have been one of the key considerations because of the design and size of Lumu. The leather case feels and...

Featured #24: Richard Douglas Gledhill

What did you want to become in the childhood?
When I was a child I wanted to be an artist. I remember taking home stories that I had written and drawings that I had passionately done in class. I remember the feeling of peace that came over me when I would create and I don’t think that has changed to this day.

Your story with photography. I bought my first dslr camera in college and fell in love with photography ever since. Now I shoot primarily film and that started because I was always trying to get film looks with my photos and I got really close but I still was off. One day it came to me that I should just shoot film to get my pictures to look like film stocks were used. No brainer, right?!

007659-R1-009 copy
What do you want to achieve?
I don’t really know what I want to achieve to be honest. I mean, I want to be famous and known worldwide for my work but I don’t know if that is at the top of my list. I guess I want to achive the ability to empower others with my gift. I think that directly correlates with what I think the the greatest power of photography is. Photographs have this power to raise emotions out of us, perhaps emotions we have not felt in a long time. If I can consistently do that as an artist I feel that would be my greatest achievement.

Where do you think the wisdom and instinct for good photograph comes from? I feel that a photograph is a play between luck (being in the right place at the right time) and talent (knowing your camera, framing, lighting etc.) The best photographs  are a dance between these attributes.

Your camera bag. At all times when I shoot I have a medium format camera and a 35mm camera. I am also carrying film, lens cleaning supplies and my trusty Lumu Light meter!

Highlight one great experience of your life.
I would say one of the greatest experiences in my life was sitting down at a coffee shop and showing my work to one of my favorite photographers (Kym Ventola) and hearing the encouraging things she had to say about my work. That definitely sparked a fire in my heart to pursue photography with full force. If that didn’t happen I don’t think I would be shooting today if it wasn’t for that conversation. 

Do you have any kind of obsession? My obsession with film is probably my most notable obsession in terms of photography. It’s romantic. I am smitten for film. The way it looks and the tone it has compared to digital photographs. There is just something about it that I can’t explain.

83940031 copy
If you could give one final advice to fellow photographers, what would it be? 
Never stop shooting. You get better with practice and constantly being put out of your comfort zone. Reach out to all of your favorite photographers and try to snag a mentor. Having a mentor who has way more experience than you is probably one of the best things you can do for your career. 

Links! My website is and my instagram handle is @iamricharddouglas

Featured #9: Eric Schwanke

1 What did you want to become in the childhood? I wanted to play drums in a rock band.

Your story. I started my interest in photography shooting bands and live concerts. I fell into wedding photography when asked to second shoot a wedding with a friend and was hooked and basically that is all I have been photographing for the last 4 years.

2What do you carry around in your camera bag? How it...

Featured #1: Josh Bordelon


Tell us something about yourself. My name is Josh Bordelon, I grew up in Houston, TX and I’m currently employed by Apple. My free time is spent exploring Austin TX or other parts of Texas with my girlfriend, camera in tow of course, developing film, and skateboarding.

21 copy

Your personal story with photography. I think my photo story started with skateboarding. like skateboarding it was an outlet to free my stress and creativity, a way to unwind. My friends and I were always filming our tricks and we would shoot some photos here and there but that died out. It wasn’t until college that i picked the camera up again and when I bought my first love-the Nikon FM2n. While I was still shooting skateboarding stuff with my friends, i also began to venture out into other styles of photography. 


What do you carry around in your camera bag? The bag I’m currently rockin is the Ona Bowery bag. It’s the perfect sized bag. In it I can fit my Leica M4-P + Voigtlander 28/2, & M2/M6 with the Canon 50/1.4 LTM, 90% of the time loaded with Kodak Tri-X, the other times I’m shooting Kodak Gold 200, Kodak Portra 160/400, or Fuji 400H. Sharpie, Pen, notebook and my LUMU light meter. I don’t always carry two cameras, but sometimes i have two  each loaded with different speed Tri-X or one color and one black and white. I primarily shoot BW for many reasons, I enjoy the look it has, the romantic feel it gives, but I also enjoy the process of learning the film’s characteristics along with developing and scanning from home. It’s all one big process and a way for me to escape and get lost in. I’m not by any means against digital, in fact I shoot a Canon 5D MKii with a 35L and a 50L and love it. both mediums give off totally different feels. Film just requires more thought in different areas and i think thats one of the things that draws me in.

GIF: “Still images can contain stories…the...


“Still images can contain stories…the mind and emotions can become engaged by looking at a still image and small stories can grow into huge stories. It depends, of course, on the viewer.” David Lynch

Lumu low light test shooting, using final pre-production Lumu...

Lumu low light test shooting, using final pre-production Lumu light meter.
camera: Fujifilm X-Pro1
lens: Fujinon 18mm
aperture: f/2,2
time: 30 seconds
ISO: 1600
General light level: 0.04 lux

Photograph was captured in the first attempt.

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“Step out of the Shadow.” Lumu pre-orders ending soon, visit...

“Step out of the Shadow.” Lumu pre-orders ending soon, visit

Pure love. We live in the golden age of photography. Everyone...

Pure love.

We live in the golden age of photography. Everyone takes photos now, and there is inspiration all around us. History is being made, and we’re capturing it.