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Featured Photographer #54: Eli Just

My name is Eli Just. I’m 24 and work as a gaffer for film and TV in Los Angeles. Photography as a hobby grew for me out of a desire to become a better filmmaker, but quickly took on its own role. While my job as a gaffer mostly consists of setting lights in the right place to make the image look good, photography has me searching for the light that is already there.


From Photokina with Lumulove

If you are planning your late summer holidays somewhere around Cologne, Germany, make sure you stop by to the Koelnmesse trade fair from the 20th - 25th of September.


Great results can thus be achieved with small forces.

These Kickstarter updates are getting ever so easier to write down the more our whole Lumu Power development processes move forward. It’s only logical, the more it gets done the more we have to show you.

We talked about installing that 24/7 camera in our previous update but instead I would like to kindly invite you to follow our Instagram account (LINK) for more frequent, short & sweet updates. Since they implemented their own version of snaps in it, why not use it for our benefit?

OK, onto the details!

Anchor yourself to something special

With each new Kickstarter update we are confronted with the idea to just mount a camera in our offices through which you could monitor our work 24/7, so you could constantly see what we’re up to. Maybe this way we could avoid writing these updates altogether?

Nah, let’s just show you everything we’ve got so far, nobody wants to lose extra time setting up that camera anyways.

So, without further ado, here’s everything new from last month.

The new Lumu App

“I think the real value concerns the potential for technology to reveal something that was not visible before.”

— Design for Dasein, Thomas Wendt

The New Lumu app is made to be a tool that helps you do your best work. It does not want attention, it does not want to stand in the way. It is not an object of admiration. It doesn’t have a lot of features. It doesn’t need them.

It does, and it should help you do one thing really, really well.