• Annie uses lumu. do you?

    World's smallest all-in-one light meter.

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  • ZY Productions: Lumu Power Review - Color & Light Meter Attachment for iPhones!

  • Jason Vong: How I Use Lumu Power Light Meter for iPhone


    The Lumu Power is without any doubt the most full featured light meter I have ever owned. It’s tiny, it weighs hardly anything, it manages to offer a feature set that expands way beyond what most will ever need from such a device.

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  • No Film School

    Here's how the Lumu Power Light and Color Meter and App performed on a one-shot music video.

    Lauretta Prevost
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  • The Phoblographer

    I’m awarding the Lumu Power our Editor’s Choice award. It surely deserves the five out of five stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Chris Gampat
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  • Ricardo Gomez for LightingRumours.com

    "I wish there was a device this affordable when I started in photography. Lighting is everything in photography and a tool like this can help tremendously in understanding it."

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  • Carlos Salcedo

    Spoiler alert - the color meter is insanely good.

    Carlos Salcedo
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  • Dan McComb, an Emmy-nominated filmmaker

    The essence of Lumu Power is its ability to instantly become the color meter you always have with you. It’s like having a tiny bionic eye for your iPhone. And it’s a great tool to open your own eyes to see and understand the light falling all around you, every day.

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  • YCImaging: 3 Tips to PERFECTLY Expose Your Videos EVERY TIME

  • Lumu Power Light Meter through the eyes of Stefano Di Sanza

    Un accessorio veramente smart per il proprio iPhone che ogni fotografo e videomaker può avere!