Next Generation Light Meter

Lumu is a Light, Color and Flash meter. All in one device. Because it's so small and convenient, you can always have it with you. Loved by thousands of photographers, cinematographers and lighting professionals.

Light Meter App

Better with every update. Works perfectly with Lumu.

Picked and promoted by the App Store team as the “photographer’s must have”. It’s the best Spot Metering app in the world. Completely free.

Flash Color & Filters

Measure Color Temperature of your flash. Easily balance ambient and light coming from your strobe with the help of the Filters mode.

White Balance

Measure Color Temperature and Green/Magenta color cast. Balance multiple lights and apply correct color filters so that you achieve perfect colors.


Set your ISO and FPS/Angle and quickly measure ƒ value. You can create your own ND filter stack and/or use Exposure compensation.

Flash Exposure

Get perfect exposure when using strobes. Works with HSS flashes. Control how much Ambient vs. Flash light falls to your subject. Flash duration will help you in freezing fast motion.


Know if you have enough light or if the light is spreaded equally over the surface. Measure in lux or foot candles. See how light output changes over time.


See the light in CIE 1931 color space. Additionaly, we calculate the Duv, CCT and illuminance value in Lux or Foot-candles.

Trade in Program

We make it easy to part with your old lumu and upgrade to the new one

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